Grief Resources

The death of someone we care about can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Words fail to describe how painful the grief we feel can be.                      It is more challenging than we, or others, might expect.

These articles are meant to describe different types of grief; their intent is to help you understand your own, or to help you empathize with another person's grief.

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Grief Is Love Lost​

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Grief Resources for Adults

These resources will help you understand and work through your grief.

What’s Your Grief?

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Grief Resources For Children

These articles will help you understand the grief process of a child, with tips on how to help them cope.

Loss from a Child’s Perspective

Helping Children Cope

Grief Resources for Children

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Michigan Resources For Grieving Families

This list is compiled of various organizations throughout Michigan that may be able to provide grief support and/or resources to families that have experienced the loss of a family member.

Michigan Resources for Grieving Families

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Understanding Grief

These articles will help you understand your own grief or the grief of another. Grief is not as simple as it's made out to be -- it is more than just "feeling sad."

10 Facts about Grief and Grieving
Understanding Bereavement

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Coping With Loss

These articles will help you understand the dynamics of specific losses, such as the loss of a spouse, or the loss of a pet.

The Loss of a Spouse
The Loss of a Pet

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Coping With Complicated Situations

Grief can come unexpectedly in life. These articles offer more specific information on certain types of grief, such as grief following a suicide, and grief in the workplace.

Grief in the Workplace

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Helping Those Who Grieve

These articles will provide you with some useful information on how to help someone who is grieving, as well as tips on how to help navigate special days and holidays, which can be especially difficult in the wake of a loss.

How to Help Someone who is Grieving
How to Help Navigate Special days and Holidays

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